Osteopathic Physician – Limited License

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These DOs practice medicine as described under Full Licensure; however, DOs licensed under this provision must have been licensed to practice medicine in any jurisdiction for at least 10 years, and may only practice in the employment of public agencies or institutions or nonprofit agencies or institutions meeting the requirements of s. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, located in areas of critical medical need as determined by the Board. If a physician has not fully retired in all states, or has not practiced medicine within 3 years, other restrictions apply.

General Licensure Requirements:

  • A letter of intent to employ from the agency/institution that intends to employ you. This letter must be addressed to the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and it must also indicate whether or not you will receive compensation for the medical services provided. If the applicant submits a statement from the employing agency or institution stating that he or she will not receive monetary compensation for any service involving the practice of osteopathic medicine, the application fee and all licensure fees shall be waived. However, any person who receives a waiver of fees for a limited license shall pay such fees if the person receives compensation for the practice of osteopathic medicine. (See section 459.0075(1)(a), F.S.)
  • Proof that the osteopathic physician has been licensed to practice osteopathic medicine in any jurisdiction in the United States in good standing and pursuant to law for at least 10 years.
  • Proof of completion of the continuing education required pursuant to 64B15-13.001, F.A.C. in the preceding two year period.
  • If it has been more than 3 years since the active practice of osteopathic medicine by the applicant, the full-time director of the local county health department shall supervise the applicant for a period of 6 months after the applicant is granted a limited license to practice, unless the board determines that a shorter period of supervision will be sufficient to ensure that the applicant is qualified for licensure pursuant to this section. Procedures for such supervision shall be established by the board.
  • File a completed application and pay all required fees. Refer to application instructions for a list of specific documents and information needed.

Section 456.013(1)(a), Florida Statutes, provides that a licensure application and fee are valid for one year.  Application fees are non-refundable.

The licensing process involves the collection of credentials from the applicant and other sources, such as hospitals, medical schools, other states, etc. Once documents are received, an application specialist will review them; however, it may be necessary for the application specialist to request additional information or clarification regarding a particular document. Our goal is to review materials as quickly as possible, but we must be thorough. We process applications, mail, e-mails, and telephone calls in date order.

Staff will mail you a deficiency letter approximately two weeks after receiving your application, so please refrain from contacting our office until after you have received your initial deficiency letter.

Some applicants may have to appear before the Board at one of their regularly scheduled meetings before a license can be issued. Reasons for an appearance include previous disciplinary action in another state, malpractice, criminal history, health history and other application deficiencies. Having one of these issues is not an automatic appearance as each application is reviewed on a case by case basis.  You will be notified in writing if your appearance will be required.

We recommend that you do not make any commitments based upon expectation of licensure until you are actually licensed.  One application is not accelerated at the expense of another- all applicants are handled equally and fairly.

Application Fee: $100.00 (non-refundable)

Florida Statutes

You will be connected to the Florida Legislature website, which is the official custodian of the statutes.

Chapter 459: Osteopathic Medicine
Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions
Chapter 120: Administrative Procedure Act

Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)

You will be connected to the Florida Department of State: State Library and Archives of Florida website, which is the official custodian of the administrative codes.

Rules: Chapter 64B15: Board of Osteopathic Medicine
Rules: Chapter 64B: Division of Medical Quality Assurance