Help Center / Is there a different process for out of state applicants? What about applicants from out of the country?

Out of state and out of the country applicants are still required to submit their fingerprints electronically. There are national Livescan service providers, such as L1 Identity Solutions, Fieldprint, and National Fingerprint, Inc. which can assist out-of-state applicants. You can obtain a hard fingerprint card from the FBI’s website or by contacting your board office.

Starting January 1, 2013, the Florida Department of Health retains fingerprints on any applicant who is required to undergo a criminal history screening in the Care Provider Clearinghouse. This Clearinghouse allows for the sharing of criminal history information among specified agencies.

One of the requirements for the Clearinghouse is a photograph taken at time of fingerprinting, therefore, if your fingerprints are submitted without a photograph, you may have to undergo additional fingerprinting in the future when applying at a different agency.